The Interview

10 minute piece 1f and 1 voice (either m or f) now part of Apocalyptic Road show.

Sample text:

VOICE:          Next!

WOMAN:       Me?

VOICE:          Yes, you, in the brown shirt.

WOMAN:       Me?  Here!  Hello.

VOICE:          Hello.  Been waiting long?

WOMAN:       Yes.  Yes.  That’s quite a line.

VOICE:          Sorry about that.

WOMAN:       No, no I understand.  I’m sure you get a lot of applicants.

VOICE:          You’d be surprised.

WOMAN:       I’ve got my paperwork right here, all of the forms-

VOICE:          That’s all right.  This is just the interview.

WOMAN:       Oh.  I wasn’t aware that there-

VOICE:          Just a little talk to get to know each other.

WOMAN:       Sure.  Sure, of course.

VOICE:          So.  Led a good life?

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