The Event

The Event

1 person piece.  65 minutes

Matt Oberg as the man.

Photo Dixie Sheridan

A man stands in a pool of light and attempts the ultimate magic trick: disappearing while remaining in full sight. A thought-provoking, comic journey beyond the 4th wall into the dangerous slippery territory that lies beneath the written word.

Content Advisory: Strong language
1 Act, 63 Minutes
0 Females, 1 Male
First Produced: 2009

Winner of Edinburgh Fringe First 2009 with David Calvitto.  Winner Adelaide Fringe Best Solo Performer 2010 with David Calvitto.  Winner of New York International Fringe Festival Best Solo show with Matt Oberg.  Published by Verlag de Autoren and subsequently produced at The State Theatre of Nuremburg in 2011.  Currently being translated into Greek for a productions in Athens.

Sample Text:

He smiles into the darkness.

Others of his friends are here as well, other actors and people of the theater. The way many friendships in the theater are maintained is by attending each other’s shows and then drinking and lying to each other afterwards late into the night. It is, in the trade, known as “obligatory theater”. I see your show, you see my show and in this way, a robust if entirely false and insular economy is simulated.

It is also possible that members of the man’s family are here with us. Not familiar or comfortable with the conventions or purpose of his profession, they sit stiffly, alternately flushed with pride and deep physical embarrassment.

The man hopes that the strangers and his friends and family approve of him and will say nice things about him later, when the event is over. He hopes the strangers in the room will praise him when they are at home or out with their friends. He has no rational reason to believe this will happen but he hopes it fervently.

Without the approval and praise of the strangers, he will not be able to continue to do this much longer. He will have to go home and wait for another opportunity to stand in a different light before a different group of strangers and speak different words into the silence.

He does not want to do that.

Not at all.

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  1. I, along with 59 others, will be at “The Event” this evening — Friday, June 9, 2012 — at The Berlin Theatre, in Columbia, Missouri. I’m looking forward to “The Event”.