The Apocalyptic Road Show

The Apocalyptic Road Show

Catherine Gillard as Gdjet and Nancy Walsh as Lulu

Photo Marc Marnie

One day in early 2010 Peter Clerke gifted director and performer and his then partner now wife Catherine Gillard equally talented formerly of Benchtours Productions created a new company called Occasional Cabaret called us and asked if we wanted to work together on a new project in Edinburgh. We jumped at the chance to work with them and of course in lovely Edinburgh. We all created a 35 minute workshop piece with funding from Creative Scotland. We worked with a very mysterious musician named Tim Brinkhurst, a dynamite costume  and set designer by the name of Ali Maclaurin, fantastic lighting design by Kevin MacCallum.

Motivated by great reception and more funding from Creative Scotland we went back into rehearsals for 3 weeks and toured for 4 weeks. Glasgow, Edinburgh and every little town on the west side of Scotland to Lythe.

It is coming to the USA in July 2012. It has been accepted into the Ice Factory at the New Ohio Theatre. Now called The Apocalyptic Road Show with your hosts Gdjet and Lulu, we are sure to entertain you and entice you and awaken your senses to the inevitable end of the world.

What’s exciting about this fierce and ragged show is the way in which it tries to shake up theatrical form… timely, disturbing, and so well worked out in the best of Clancy’s writing – that the show is impossible to resist, and it slices down to the hidden reality of the way we live now, in a way that makes the rest of our theatrical world seem pallid, and a little short of the courage it takes to face a terrible truth.”
-Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

Text sample:

GDJET:          Well, it’s been a great run, Lulu, six thousand years of recorded history.

LULU:             That’s got to be some kind of record.

GDJET:          And through it all, through the famines, the droughts, the floods and warfare and slaughter, we never lost sight of the essential truth.

LULU:             The fact of an invisible, all-powerful Creator and Judge in the Sky who doesn’t seem to like us very much.

GDJET:          We’ve called him different names, sacrificed to him in different ways over the years, but the basic bond has been unbroken.  And simply put, we couldn’t have done it without him.

LULU:             There’s really no way to adequately thank him for everything he’s done-

GDJET:          Although that is what he seems to insist upon.

LULU:             He is rather adamant about that, true.

GDJET:          Kind of needy for an omnipotent being but in any event, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to present what we modestly like to call God’s Greatest Hits.

LULU:             First of all, of course, the Creation of the Universe.

GDJET:          From nothing, everything.  Doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense on the surface, but that never stopped God.

LULU:             Every molecule, atom and subatomic quark just came rushing out of his enormous head and boom!

GDJET:          You’ve got rose bushes, kangaroos, Belgians and gonorrhea.

LULU:             An incredible range of work, really.

GDJET:          And then, of course, he created us.

LULU:             In his image.

GDJET:          Ten fingers and toes, just like him.

LULU:             A great deal smaller, of course.

GDJET:          Right, scale-models of the original.


Many thanks to all who contributed to this production.  You are the coolest producers in the town.

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