screwmachine/eyecandy: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Big Bob by C.J. Hopkins

screwmachine/eyecandy: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Big Bob by C.J. Hopkins







David Calvitto as Big Bob

Photo Eric Redmond

Originally produced by SCAMP winner of the Scotsman Fringe First 2004.

CAST SIZE:  4 1f 3m


It’s America’s favorite game show, but tonight the rules are a little different. Or are they? Haven’t we seen this before? Can two average contestants from the heartland figure it all out before it’s too late?



• Originally produced at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe August 2005. Produced by SCAMP Theatre, Jenny Sutherland and Louise Callow, producers. With generous support from The British Arts Council and East to Edinburgh.
• Produced in NYC, Spring 2006.

“…searing…uncompromising…a 21st century American nightmare…David Calvitto in a bravur 90 minute display. It begins at a high pitch of gameshow frenzy combined with a nasty atmosphere of threat, and continues at or above that level throughout its whole length, apart from a beautifully pitched and subdued final speech from Nancy Walsh…a metaphor for the unaccountable, bullying, shape-changing and fearmongering face of power…it could hardly be more potent.”
-The Scotsman

“…impeccably judged production…astonishing performance by David Cavitto…screwmachine/eyecandy starts out as one of those eyes-and-teeth American TV game shows but rapidly descends into something much blacker and almost surreal as America’s relationship with consumerism and the media is unerringly skewered.”
-The Times
“…the presence and performances of everyone involved in this play just blew me away…a phemonenal production…All four actors give amazing performances but my respect has to go to David Calvitto in the central role of Big Bob, the gameshow host that nightmares are made of. Screwmachine/eyecandy is a tremendous piece of theatre. Go and see it.”
-Jim Bowen, writing in The Guardian
“…a hyper-real tragicomedy laced with wicked wit and spiked with horror…rooted in the let ’em eat shit cruelty of Euripides Bacchae…you’d have to go a long way to find a show with so much to say about society and the way we live.”

-The Metro

Bill Coelius as Dan, David Calvitto as Big Bob and Nancy Walsh as Maura.

Photo credit William Burdett Coutts

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