Low Tide at The Hi-Life

Low Tide at The Hi-Life

Takes place in a bar.  4 person cast.  1 f, 3m


Text sample:


(The woman.)

I like this place.  Neighborhood crowd.  Bartender leaves you alone.  Doesn’t  stand there trying to talk to you.  You sit alone in most places and the bartender thinks you came in to talk to him.  Not here.  He’ll let you drink in peace.

(The bartender, there the whole time, finally speaks.)

God I hate this job.

MAN:              Bartender.

BARTENDER:           Another?

MAN:              That’s why I’m sitting here.

BARTENDER:           Absolut rocks?

MAN:              Stoli.

BARTENDER:           Stoli rocks?

MAN:              Yeah.  You’re an actor, right?

BARTENDER:           Yeah.  Why?

MAN:              You know there used to be a time when bartenders were bartenders?  And waiters were waiters?  Did you know that?

BARTENDER:           Huh.

MAN:              “Huh.”  You see what I mean about his guy?   Yeah.  Bartenders were actually bartenders.   That’s what they did.  And waiters were waiters.  They waited on your table.  Remembered your order.  Everything.

BARTENDER:           Was this back when men were men?

MAN:              What?

BARTENDER:           Nothing.

MAN:              What did you say?  “When men were men”?

BARTENDER:           Nothing.  A joke.

MAN:              What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

BARTENDER:           Nothing.  Just… nothing.  That’s five dollars.

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