Fatboy (warning do not read if you are faint of heart)

Fatboy (warning do not read if you are faint of heart)

Nancy Walsh as Fudgie Mike McShane as Fatboy

Photo Colin Young






a high-octane, profanity studded and vicious assault…performances so far over the top that they are half way down the other side…A splendid grand guignol pantomime”

The Times of London

“This is brilliant political satire, hitting the zeitgeist right where it hurts, and meshing that with the frustrated yearning for international law and justice…a groundbreaking piece of American absurdism…an important theatrical moment….” The Scotsman


revivifies the idea of agit prop in such a manner as no-one in their right senses could deny it’s relevance to modern theatre”

The List (Edinburgh)

“a 70-minute blitzkrieg in three acts…an impressively unrestrained production”

The Financial Times


Sample text:

JUDGE: (banging gavel) Order! Order in the Court! This most august session of the War Crimes Tribunal is hereby called to order. Can I get anyone a drink?

PROSECUTOR: No thank you, your honor.

JUDGE: Little something?

PROSECUTOR: No, sir, I’m fine.

JUDGE: Take the edge off?

PROSECUTOR: No, really, I’m good.

JUDGE: All right. Bring in the accused.

(FATBOY enters in chains, dragged on by BAILIFF)

FATBOY: MOTHERFUCK! PIECE OF SHIT ASSFUCKING FUCKS! Release me now and your deaths, though horrific, will not be televised.

PROSECUTOR: You’re in no position to make deals, sir!
JUDGE: Can I get you a drink?

FATBOY (to PROSECUTOR) Do you know whom you are addressing, dickhead?

PROSECUTOR: A foul and murderous beast.

JUDGE: Little taste?

FATBOY: A free man stands before you, slave.

PROSECUTOR: A free man draped in chains.

FATBOY: I am History Incarnate. You are not even a footnote.

PROSECUTOR: A history written in blood is a signed confession in time.



(They rush at each other, FATBOY restrained by BAILIFF)

JUDGE: (pounding gavel) ORDER! ORDER IN THIS COURT! (to BAILIFF) How about you, something?

BAILIFF: No, your honor.

JUDGE: Well, shit. This is going to be a long day. (takes out flask, drinks) Allrighty then. The prosecution will read the charges.

FATBOY: I object, you asshole fuckhead.



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